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We are proud to announce that the year 2010 marks our 25th year in the residential construction business!!!

Millwork, Inc. was founded in 1985 and has always been a family owned and operated business. Our crews operate out of four fully stocked trucks, and can work together on larger projects or we can split up and handle a variety of smaller type work. One of the key ways in which Millwork, Inc. differs from many modern construction companies is that all of our project managers continue to work with the tools and are on site at our jobs daily. Over the years we have carefully built up our business, one satisfied customer at a time.

At Millwork, Inc. we believe that any job worth doing is worth doing right. The construction industry has been plagued for many years by poor quality workmanship and a complete lack of professionalism. Much of this disturbing trend is driven by the constant market pressure to be the lowest bidder. Many construction companies attempt to win jobs with the lowest bid, and then try later to fit the job to the winning price. This often results in the use of inferior materials, inferior subcontracted services, inflated change orders and/or labor that is focused only on speed and not quality. At Millwork, Inc. we help you determine a realistic scope of work for your projects and then we fit a fair price to that work.

We realize that for most of our customers your home is your most valuable asset. When you spend money on your home you are essentially making an investment. That investment, if done wisely, should add value to your most substantial asset. The best long-term value comes from using top quality materials, utilizing the latest in building technologies, and employing the quality workmanship to make it all stand the test of time, especially in the often harsh New England climate. At Millwork, Inc. that is what we are all about!


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